We Have Moved to a New Address

We've MovedMany years ago I established my web presence.  First in somewhere around 1999 I had www.lifecoaching.cc as my site.  Then I grew up a little and moved to my current site for Infinite Possibilities Coaching.  Around 2004 I began blogging at www.donnaamos.com not understanding at the time how important that consistent updated content would be to my search engine rankings.  For years I have struggled with whether to combine my business site and my blogging site.  Well the time has come.  I had to ask myself how would you counsel a client?  That made the decision clear.

So as difficult as it was I have combined both sites.  Because my business has evolved and I am not only providing coaching and consulting services but we now have a complete marketing firm focused on integrating clients online and offline marketing strategies.

Bottom line we have moved. I would love for you to follow me on the new journey and subscribe to my new blog address- find me here: http://www.solopreneursllc.com

What is Your Opinion on Mobile Marketing?

Is Mobile Marketing Important to Your Business?

Our Smart Phones have become so important to our daily activities that we can not leave home without them. Mobile searches for local businesses continues to grow. Is your business easy to find and contact via mobile devices?

Storified by Donna Amos · Fri, Aug 31 2012 12:07:15

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