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Why Be a Good Storyteller?

As business owners, we all have a story to tell. Why we are in business, what it means to us and what experience we want to deliver for our clients or customers?

Very often, we get caught up in the notion that we must be good marketers and we head down that path of marketing language. In reality, if we would become good storytellers we would naturally attract our ideal clients. Marketing talk feels like we are being sold to. Story telling gives us insight into the other person and helps us to resonate with them. I also believe we learn best from the stories.

So how do we become good storytellers? I was watching a video that referenced what a great storyteller Steve Jobs is. It pointed out that there is always an antagonist and a hero in every great story and Steve Jobs is a master at telling them.

This video emphasizes the need to be a great story teller.

Our lives are a series of stories woven together–our own stories and the stories of those around us. Great leaders in religion, politics and business understand this and many of them are great storytellers. Jesus spoke in parables.  And the books of the Old Testament, is not a boring list of rules we must follow but a series of lessons and commandments intertwined with the stories of lives.

We are not inspired by reason alone. Compelling stories convey loads of information while appealing to our emotions, ensuring that we not only listen, but get engaged and inspired. Isn’t that what we want to do engage and inspire our followers?

So how do you discover and tell your story? Here are a few tips…

Present a story well: Presentation is more than just recounting a series of events or retelling a story you’ve heard. It involves careful attention to details, proper use of body language and tone, and attention to verbiage.

Be consistent: Once you have determined what you story truly is, tell it repeatedly. Use every platform available to tell the story because we all learn differently. This will allow you to engage your target market regardless where they hang out.

Love, Care and Respect:
You must love the story you are telling, be passionate and share the tough spots and the easy spots. You must care about the story and respect the audience. Protect its integrity. Be certain what are you attempting to pass on to the audience and how is it relevant to them?

When we become great storytellers we engage with our audience and we attract the right audience to us. Happy storytelling!

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What Comes First the Twitter Following or the Blog

Please Tweet if you find value.

I am consistently looking for ways I can do better. One of my focuses this quarter is increasing my following by 10%. Looking at how to do that I decided I had to get better at two things. Twitter and blogging. I am naturally a learner so I went out looking for knowledge to get better at both. I figure what good is new knowledge if you don’t share it, so I am sharing.

Twitter and Blogging

Twitter is a tool for “micro-blogging” or posting very short updates, comments or thoughts. What we have to keep in mind is that a tweet has a short life span. Tweeting without blogging is incomplete. The conversations on Twitter are great for engagement and developing a following, but they don’t really create a lasting impression of you and your brand. A combination of blogging and tweeting can assist with a longer lasting impression, blog, and then use twitter to drive people to your blog.

Here is the key when they arrive at your blog it has to inspire them to choose to follow it, re-tweet it and comment on it. All areas I could do better at, which is why I am sharing what I have learned.

Not getting the tweets you would like on your blog posts? A tweet means that a reader shared your post with their audience. Validating that you offered something they valued. Sometimes you just have to make it easy for your readers to do so. Try adding the tweet link to your posts. Make it easy to do and more will do it. Want more re-tweets? Go here and grab the code to add to your blog posts.

Here are some other resources that can help us all get better at blogging and tweeting. So what comes first, the twitter followers or the compelling content on your blog? I say you have to work on both at the same time.

Twitter Success Tips…

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13 twitter tips for increasing engagement

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Now let’s improve our blogging. Problogger made it real easy to find better blogging resources by putting them all on one page.

How To Write Great Blog Content

As with all of our marketing strategies consistency is essential for true success. Great results from Twitter and blogging requires that you do it consistently.